David Lyons

3D Artist, Front End WebGL/VR Developer

Wavid: Pool Floaty Web Game

This project demonstrates my modeling and texturing for a weekend Unity game jam, along with post game jam explorations of physics and XBox gamepads in a web browser.

In January 2017, I joined a team of five people for Global Game Jam at USC. These were characters that I modeled and painted in Maya and ZBrush in one weekend for the game jam, while the rest of my team worked in Unity. The theme for the game jam was waves, so the original idea for our game was a third-person pool floaty adventure. First we came up with names for each of the floaties, starting with Wavid, an inflatable giraffe pool floaty. Then we came up with names and taglines for each of his missing children using more wave puns, and designed them based on the names. Like Codevember, game jams are an exercise in time management. Because we only had three days to make the game, we had to keep things very simple, so most of the floaties re-use the same model as the first giraffe, but have different texture paint, or small edits to the original geometry. At the end of the game jam, we put our Unity build up on Itch.io for download. To swim, you have to doggy paddle with a Leap Motion, or use the A and L keys on your keyboard.

I later started on a Three.js version with a more user-friendly WASD, arrow key and XBox controller thumbstick axes input for traditional third-person locomotion. I also wanted to test out oimo.js, a Three.js physics library, for object collisions. The Three.js version is still a work-in-progress prototype.