David Lyons

3D Artist, Front End WebGL/VR Developer

Under Neon Lights

Under Neon Lights is a an interactive WebVR music experience set to The Chemical Brothers' track under the same name featuring St. Vincent. It is a psychological coming-of-age experience that guides a young girl from her suburban home through the city as she navigates three distinct stages of her life.

I worked on this project with a team at WITHIN at the beginning of 2017. I was responsible for adding WebVR support, assembling the intro scene and start button UI, and animating the girl's face. The bulk of the project was assembled using Frame.js, a web editor that is similar to Premiere, but with code sequences instead of video sequences. Under Neon Lights was also a part of Google's WebVR Experiments, so the team open sourced the working files on GitHub. Check out Jono Brandel's write up as well.

In March 2017, I animated the eyes blinking and mouth lip syncing to the lyrics of the song using three planes parented to the head bone and a sprite sheet texture map, sliding the UV offset around on the sprite sheet. Windwaker Link was both a technical and visual inspiration and reference for the face.