You asked: Is there a way to save GIFs?

Saving a GIF is an easy process, but you must save it in the correct file format. Locate the GIF you want to save and open the file on your computer. Right-click on the GIF and click “Save File” to open the panel for saving. … Click “Save” to save the GIF to your computer where you can access it on demand.

Can you save a GIF from a website?

Right click on the animated GIF that you want to download. Select ‘Save Image As‘. Select the location where you want to save your image, keeping the file format as . gif.

How do you get GIFs on your Iphone?

Select the “Images” icon from the menu bar below the new message field. It looks like a pink circle with a white magnifying glass in the middle. 3. A GIF keyboard will pop up that says “Find images.” Scroll through the GIFs to view popular or recently used GIFs.

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