Quick Answer: Where can I get GIF stickers for WhatsApp?

Where can I find GIF stickers for WhatsApp?

Once your app is updated, you need to download the animated stickers. To do this, open up WhatsApp and get inside any contact’s chatbox. Here, click on the emoji icon next to the text box in which you type your messages. Once in here, switch to the stickers tab by clicking on the stickers button on the bottom.

How do you add a GIF to a WhatsApp sticker?

How to send GIFs

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open an individual or group chat.
  3. Tap Stickers > GIF.
  4. Next, you can tap: Search search for a specific GIF. Recents to see your recently used GIFs. Favorites to see your favorite or starred GIFs.
  5. Select and tap the GIF you want to send.
  6. Tap Send .

How do I download stickers from WhatsApp?

Step 1: Android users, first open WhatsApp on your phone, then select any chat on WhatsApp, here you need to go to the emoji icon. Once you have selected the emoji icon, you’ll find a stickers icon on the rightmost side, next to the gif icon.

How can I add custom stickers to WhatsApp?

How can I add custom stickers to WhatsApp? To import a sticker pack to WhatsApp, you need to tap on the profile icon, which is there at the bottom right. Then select a sticker pack and tap on the option ‘Add to WhatsApp‘. Now, you will be redirected to WhatsApp, where you will be asked to save the sticker pack.

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Can’t add animated stickers to WhatsApp?

Steps to Enable WhatsApp Animated Stickers

  1. Step 1: Open WhatsApp chat and click on the emoji icon.
  2. Step 2: Now, click on the sticker icon within the window.
  3. Step 3: In the sticker window, click on the ‘+’ icon.
  4. Step 4: Now, in the new window, you will get the list of all available stickers.

How do I put stickers on GIPHY?

On the GIPHY app:

  1. Download the GIPHY app and use the + to access our GIFMaker.
  2. Press & hold on the shutter icon (O) to record a GIF. …
  3. You will have the option to decorate if you choose. …
  4. You can Add Tags to your GIFs, separated by commas (no # needed). …
  5. Tap Upload to GIPHY!
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