How do you comment a GIF on Tumblr?

Open Tumblr in a second tab apart from your reply, start a new text post, then upload your GIF. Once uploaded, click “,” then copy the URL of the image you just uploaded. Go back to your reply, click “” on that post, paste the image URL and reblog the post.

How do I put a GIF in AO3 comments?

How to use a reaction gif in an AO3 comment

  1. Find the gif you want to react with. …
  2. Right-click on the gif and copy the image address.
  3. In the AO3 comment window, type <img src=“
  4. after the quotation marks, paste the image address you just copied.
  5. finish with ”>
  6. go forth with your new skill and make some author happy.

How do you comment pictures on Tumblr?

Enter your comment in the Description or Caption area on the Tumblr Reblog editing page that appears. If you want to insert an image to your comment, click the “Insert/Edit” image icon and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why can’t I post a GIF on Tumblr?

The most likely reason your gifs aren’t uploading is because they are either oversaturated/have too many frames, though the second option is very unusual, but it happens.

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Can you post gifs on AO3?

How to add a gif to AO3 comment boxes: … Find the gif you want to insert, then right click and hit “copy link address” (or whatever the PC equivalent of those words are). Then go to your comment box, and type what you see in the image above, pasting the link address where you see YOUR LINK ADDRESS HERE. That’s it!

How do you upload a picture to archive of our own?

How to post pictures on AO3

  1. log into AO3 and open your story.
  2. click on edit and scroll down to the work text box.
  3. change from HTML to Rich text.
  4. open a separate tab or window and go to the website where your picture is. …
  5. Hover your mouse over the picture and right-click.

How do you comment on Tumblr 2020?

Replying on Tumblr

To leave a comment on a Tumblr post from your dashboard, click the speech bubble icon, type your reply and then post it. If you’re reblogging it from its own page, click the reblog icon and leave a comment on it before reblogging.

How do you reply to replies on Tumblr?

To reply to a post: Tap or click the speech bubble at the bottom of a post, say something nice in the box provided, and hit “Reply.” Your work here is done.

How many GIFs can you put in a Tumblr post?

Each photoset can hold a maximum of 10 images; after you’ve loaded the images you want to use into the posting form, you can rearrange them before posting so the photoset looks exactly how you want it to.

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Why won’t Tumblr upload my photo?

When posting a static image: Make sure the file is no larger than 20 MB and is in either JPEG or PNG format. We don’t support CMYK files or other non-RGB image files, so save the image in RGB and try uploading again.

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