How big can a GIF be on Tumblr?

According to recent changes, in 2020, the Tumblr gif size limit is set to 3 MB. But as gif size grows, site speed slows down. But that’s not the only problem. Gifs over a certain length are no longer gifs.

What is the maximum size of GIF?

Uploads are limited to 15 seconds, although we recommend no more than 6 seconds. Uploads are limited to 100MB, although we recommend 8MB or less. Source video resolution should be 720p max, but we recommend you keep it at 480p.

Does Tumblr compress GIFs?

When posting an animated GIF:

We recommend that your GIFs be no more than 540 pixels wide. Any GIFs under 3 MB don’t get compressed at all. However, we do convert all uploaded GIFs to GIFV. If you’re uploading a compressed GIF, the file should be no larger than 5 MB.

How big is a normal GIF?

GIF files tend to be quite small ~20Kb. GIF compression is inferior to JPEG compression but has the advantage of being animated and transparent. GIF files are an image format where a pallet of 256 colors (red/green/blue) is encoded as a byte stream (256 values).

Why are my GIFs not working on Tumblr?

Most problems with GIFs uploaded to Tumblr are due to the image; Tumblr has limitations on the file size and dimensions of animated GIFs. However, other problems include computer resources or bandwidth issues. GIFs that are displayed normally on Tumblr do not always work on other social platforms.

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Why can’t I upload GIFs to Tumblr?

The most likely reason your gifs aren’t uploading is because they are either oversaturated/have too many frames, though the second option is very unusual, but it happens. Options: [I’ll go from the options that work with most of the gifs to the last resort options.]

How do I compress a GIF for Tumblr?

How to Resize a GIF for Tumblr

  1. Launch your browser and go to the Picasion GIF resizing tool (link in Resources).
  2. Click the “Choose File” button, and then upload the GIF file that you want to resize.
  3. Use the “Size” drop-down menu to choose a new size. …
  4. Click “Resize image” and wait for the operation to complete.

Can a GIF be 30 seconds?

Step 2: Select Start Time and Length of GIF

The duration can be up to 60 seconds long.

Why is my GIF low quality?

The GIF file format has a hard-coded limitation of 256 colors, so when you save or convert as GIF, it has an unavoidable loss of quality to the photo. If you want to save it in high quality, we recommend saving an image in video format.

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