You asked: How do I use the Selective tool in Lightroom mobile?

How do I selectively edit in Lightroom mobile?

In the Edit panel in the Loupe view, tap Selective icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the ‘+’ plus icon that appears at the upper-left corner and then choose one of the selective edit tools – Brush Selection, Radial Gradient, or Linear Gradient.

Where is selective tool in Lightroom?

These selective editing tools are located in the column on the far right. The Radial Gradient tool lets you edit just part of a photo in a circular or oval pattern, kind of like a spotlight.

How do you whiten teeth in Lightroom app?

How To Whiten Teeth In Lightroom

  1. Step 1: Select the Adjustment Brush Tool. Open Lightroom and load the picture that you want to edit. Then switch to the Develop module. …
  2. Step 2: Paint Over the Teeth. If you have the overlay mask on, the brushed parts will be red. …
  3. Step 3: Done! Evaluate the Result.

Can you liquify in Lightroom mobile?

There’s no spot removal or similar retouching tools in Lightroom mobile, but you can open photos directly into another photo app by tapping the Share menu. The Edit In option opens the photo into Adobe Fix to use Liquify or Healing or Adobe Mix to cut out, combine and blend images using layers.

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How do I add presets to Lightroom mobile?

Installation Guide for Lightroom Mobile app (Android)

02 / Open the Lightroom application on your phone and select an image from your library and press to open it. 03 / Slide the toolbar to the bottom to the right and press the “Presets” tab. Press the three dots to open the menu and select “Import Presets”.

How do I select a background in Lightroom?

Just right-click anywhere in the area surrounding your image and a pop-up menu appears (as seen below), and you can choose your new background color and/or to add a pinstripe texture. Short, sweet, and to the point!

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