Why can’t I paint over an image in Illustrator?

Illustrator is not a photo editing application. It is not designed to “paint” raster images. You are simply using the wrong tool. You need to use Photoshop, Gimp, or some other raster image editor.

How do you draw on top of a layer in Illustrator?

Open the Layers panel in the upper-right. Create new layers by tapping the plus icon and swipe left to rename them. It’s helpful to add a new drawing layer above the layer that contains the sketch artwork you want to trace. Make sure you select the drawing layer before you begin tracing.

How do I open an image as a layer in Illustrator?

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  1. Before launching Illustrator, we recommend prepping the image that you’d like to embed. …
  2. Now, launch Illustrator and go to “Window” > “Layers” to show the Layers panel, if it isn’t already visible. …
  3. With your new layer selected, choose “File” > “Place” to insert your image file.

How do I fill a shape with Color in Illustrator?

Click the color that you want to use for the fill in the Color panel, which opens when you activate the Fill tool. You can also open the Swatches or Gradient panel and select a color from those libraries. One last option is to double-click the “Fill” tool, click a color in the Color Picker window, and then click “OK.”

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Why can I not use paintbrush in Illustrator?

You have no actual brush selected, it’s just set to basic – which isn’t a brush type (just a weird default). Just load in any actual brush and then you will be able to select a stroke/width and draw. “Basic” is not a brush.

Why can’t I use the pencil tool in Illustrator?

In Illustrator’s Preferences, under the “Selection and Display Anchor” settings, Uncheck “Enable rubber band for” the Pen tool. This feature is intended to show the resulting path as you move around your cursor, but in reality is highly distracting and can’t predict when you’re “done” with an open ended line.

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