Who are the programmers behind gimp?

GIMP version 2.10
Original author(s) Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis
Developer(s) GIMP Development Team
Initial release 2 June 1998
Stable release 2.10.24 (29 March 2021) [±]

Can I trust GIMP?

GIMP is 100% safe.

Many users wonder if GIMP is safe to download on Windows and Mac. It’s because GIMP is open-source, which technically means that anyone can add their own code, including hidden malware.

Who is the official mascot of GIMP?

Wilber is the official GIMP mascot.

Is this legal? ¶ Yes, under terms of the General Public License this is perfectly legal, provided that the seller also gave you the source code of GIMP and any modifications he/she introduced.

Is GIMP as good as Photoshop?

Both programs have great tools, helping you edit your images properly and efficiently. But the tools in Photoshop are much more powerful than the GIMP equivalents. Both programs use Curves, Levels and Masks, but real pixel manipulation is stronger in Photoshop.

Which is better GIMP or Krita?

In terms of color modes, Krita is better. Krita supports both CMYK and RGB. GIMP has RGB but doesn’t have full CMYK support. Not having CMYK is a detriment to users who constantly have print work.

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Does anyone use GIMP professionally?

No,professionals not use gimp. professionals always use Adobe Photoshop. Because if professional use gimp their works quality will decrease. Gimp is very nice and quite powerful but if you compare Gimp With Photoshop Gimp is not on the same level.

Where can I download GIMP safely?

The safest place to download the GIMP installation program is GIMP.org, where you will find the correct download for your operating system.

Why does GIMP exist?

A couple of students at Berkeley, Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis, decided they wanted to write an image manipulation program rather than write a compiler in scheme/lisp for professor Fateman (CS164). … Thus Spencer and Peter begat the General Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP for short.

Is GIMP dead?

It turns out the Gimp is dead, but it wasn’t the punch from Bruce Willis’ character that killed him.

What is the official mascot of GIMP when was it released?

GIMPs mascot is named Wilber. GIMP was started in 1995 by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis and is now taken care of by a group of volunteers as part of the GNU Project.


GIMP 2.8
Initial release 1995
Stable release 2.10.4 / July 4, 2018
Repository gitlab.gnome.org/Gsfdd
Written in C

How can I get Adobe Photoshop for free?

Step 1: Navigate to the Adobe website and select Free Trial when you are ready to begin. Adobe will offer you three different free trial options at this point. All of them offer Photoshop and all of them offer a seven-day free trial.

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Is there a paid version of GIMP?

GIMP Photo Editor 2021 Premium Professional Image Editing Software CD Compatible with Windows 10 8.1 8 7 Vista XP PC 32 & 64-Bit, macOS, Mac OS X & Linux – Lifetime Licence, No Monthly Subscription! Learn more about free returns.

Is GIMP the best free Photoshop?

GIMP. The GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, is one of the best-known free alternatives to Photoshop on the market. As a very feature-rich solution for photographers, GIMP can do almost anything that Photoshop can.

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