Where is the opacity in Photoshop?

How do I change the opacity of a fill in Photoshop?

To adjust the Fill Opacity setting, select your desired layer, or layers, in the Layers panel, and then enter a value in the Fill Opacity text box or drag the drop-down slider. The other methods for adjusting fill opacity are similar to the regular opacity option.

Is the shortcut to decrease opacity?

Opacity Shortcuts

To quickly change the opacity of that layer, press any number on your keyboard. For example: … Ctrl click (Mac: Cmd click) on any other layer to select it, or click on one layer and Shift click on the last layer to select a row of layers.

Can we hide a layer in Photoshop cs3?

You can toggle between visible and hidden by clicking the icon in the Visible Layer column. … On the Layers palette, hide the layers you do not wish to merge (including the background if you do not wish to merge it). Select one of the remaining visible layers. From the Layer menu, select Merge Visible.

How do I make a transparent brush?

In the option bar, set the brush Mode to “Clear”. You can also use the Brush option for the Eraser tool.

How do I lock the opacity of a brush in Photoshop?

Photoshop: alt+right click drag resize opacity lock.

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Does fill opacity affect layer effects?

In addition to overall opacity, which affects layer styles and blending modes applied to a layer, you can specify fill opacity. Fill opacity affects only pixels, shapes, or text on a layer without affecting the opacity of layer effects such as drop shadows.

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