What is the symbol sprayer tool in Illustrator?

In a nutshell, it works like a can of spray paint that sprays, rather than paints, symbols — objects that, in Illustrator, can be either vector- or pixel-based. Each symbol is an instance. Press the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key to reduce the effect of the symbolism tools.

Where are the symbols in Illustrator?

1 Choose Window > Symbols, the Symbols panel appears. There are only a few symbols included in the Symbols panel by default, but many more that you can access in the library.

How do I remove symbols in Illustrator?

Erasing Symbols: Go to the Symbols panel and click on the “Break Link to Symbol” button (it looks like a broken chain). Then, edit with the Eraser. Erasing Graphs: Ungroup the graph objects first, and then use the Eraser tool.

How do I change symbols using symbols tool?

Select the Symbol Styler tool . Select a style in the Graphic Styles panel, and do one of the following: Click or drag where you want to apply the style to the symbol set. The amount of style applied to the symbol instances increases, and the style gradually changes.

How many types of tools are there in Illustrator?

Illustrator provides nine graph tools, each one for creating a different type of graph. The type of graph you choose depends on the information you want to communicate.

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