What is the maximum bleed in Illustrator?

The maximum bleed you can set is 72 points; the minimum bleed is 0 points.

How do I increase bleed in Illustrator?

Add a bleed

  1. Choose File > Print.
  2. Select Marks & Bleed on the left side of the Print dialog box.
  3. Do one of the following: Enter values for Top, Left, Bottom, and Right to specify the placement of the bleed marks. Click the link icon to make all the values the same.

How much bleed should I leave for printing?

A standard bleed area is generally .

Most common document only require a . 125 inch margin; however, larger documents may require a larger bleed area. The standard bleed area for documents larger than 18 x 24 inches is generally . 5 inches.

How do you show bleed in Illustrator?


  1. Open the document.
  2. Click File > Document setup.
  3. In the first box next to “Bleed” hit the arrow under “Top” just once until it reads “0.125 in”. The other boxes will auto-populate.
  4. Click “OK”

How do I change the bleed in Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator

  1. Go to the File dropdown menu and select Document Setup.
  2. Under Bleed, enter . …
  3. A red box will appear around your document, indicating where the bleed area is.
  4. Any elements that bleed must extend to the red box.
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How do I turn off bleed in Illustrator?

In Illustrator the whole show/hide bleeds is extremely easy.

Just go to View – Guides – Show guides / hide guides (ctrl+;) for a shortcut.

How many pixels should a bleed be?

We recommend you allow 0.25 inches (75 pixels) on an 8×10 print to fully allow for worst cases. SmugMug recommends you keep bleed/trim in mind for all print sizes, even those big enough to print on a different printer.

How do you calculate bleed?

The standard formula is: bleed height = bleed (0.125 inch) + height of book + bleed (0.125 inch). A similar formula exists for bleed width: bleed width = width of book + trim edge bleed (0.125 inch). We recommend using half-inch margins for your entire book.

Does the bleed get cut off?

Bleed is the extra space around the outside of your document that will be cut off during production.

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