What is contrast Lightroom?

The difference in brightness between light and dark areas of an image. Contrast determines the number of shades in the image. A low-contrast image (left) retains detail, but tends to lack dimension and look soft.

What is exposure and contrast in Lightroom?

Exposure – controls the overall tone of an image. Contrast – controls the contrast, the degree of difference between lighter tones and darker tones. Highlights – adjusts the lighter range of tones in an image. Shadows – adjusts the darker range of tones an image.

What does a contrast slider do?

The contrast slider adjusts the overall tonal range in your photo, making the lights brighter and the darks darker. The clarity slider is a more intelligent version of the contrast slider in that it adjusts only the mid-tones in a photo.

What does Highlights mean in Lightroom?

The Highlight slider adjusts the bright values in your photograph. The true utility of the Highlight slider is to recover lost detail in the brightest parts of your image or to globally brighten your image without pushing your exposure past the white point.

What is sharpness in color?

The higher the sharpness, the more distinct the subject’s contours will be. This is the depth of the colors in the image. The higher the saturation, the more vivid the colors will be.

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Where do I find highlights in Lightroom?

So you can see not only that highlights are getting blown out of shadows blocked, but you can see precisely where on the image it’s happening. Accessing it is simple. You simply hold down a key while you move the sliders in the Tone panel. On Mac, it’s the Option/ALT key.

How do I see blacks in Lightroom?

The Blacks adjustment

Hold down the Option key (Windows: Alt key) then click the Blacks control. This time the preview turns white. Move the slider to the left to make the areas that are supposed to be black actually black. Black areas in the white preview are black.

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