What does the radial filter do in Lightroom?

The Radial Filter tool enables you to create multiple, off-center, vignetted areas to highlight specific portions of a photograph. With the Radial Filter tool, you can make local adjustments with an elliptical mask.

What is a radial filter lens?

The primary reason people use the Radial Filter is to emphasize the main subject. … You’ll find the Radial Filter (R) tool in Zoner Photo Studio X in the Develop Module. With it, you can edit only a part of the photo. You can fine-tune exposure or sharpness, or perhaps enhance colors.

Does Lightroom 4 have a radial filter?

Then click and drag to create a circular (radial) filter. You can adjust the size by clicking the edges and dragging them in or out. You can move the filter by clicking and dragging the center button.

Radial Filter Shortcuts.

Select the Radial Filter tool Shift + M
Increase/decrease brush feathering Shift + ] / Shift + [

How do I reset the radial filter in Lightroom?

Lightroom Guru

Double-click on the word “Effect” at the top left of the filter panel sliders, that resets all sliders to zero. But when you then make your new slider adjustments, those values will “stick” when you next open the filter.

Why is my radial gradient red?

More Detail: When working with any of the targeted adjustment tools (Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, or Adjustment Brush) in Lightroom’s Develop module, you have the option of displaying a translucent red overlay on your image to indicate the mask area. …

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