What does the Knife tool do in Illustrator?

The Knife tool cuts objects along a freehand path you draw with the tool, dividing objects into their component-filled faces. (A face is an area undivided by a line segment.) Click and hold the Eraser ( ) tool to see and choose the Knife ( )tool.

What does Ctrl H do in Illustrator?

View artwork

Shortcuts Windows macOS
Release guide Ctrl + Shift-double-click guide Command + Shift-double-click guide
Show document template Ctrl + H Command + H
Show/Hide artboards Ctrl + Shift + H Command + Shift + H
Show/Hide artboard rulers Ctrl + R Command + Option + R

Where do you get the Knife tool?

Knife Tools (Designer Edition and higher)

  • Above the design window in the Quick-access Toolbar, you’ll see your knife options where you can choose how the knife will behave, along with choices of knife styles.
  • A series of knife types allows you to cut shapes with various patterns.

Which two panels can you use to change the stroke weight of an object?

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Most stroke attributes are available via both the control panel and the Stroke panel.

What happens when you click an existing anchor point with the pen tool?

The pen tool in use

Clicking on a path segment will auto add a new anchor point and clicking on an existing point will auto delete it.

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Why can I not erase in Illustrator?

The Adobe Illustrator Eraser tool has no effect whatsoever on Illustrator’s Symbols. If you try to edit what looks like a regular Illustrator object but can’t use the Eraser tool to alter it, open the Symbols panel and make sure your object isn’t a Symbol.

Which two options below will allow you to split an existing path?

Which TWO options below will allow you to split an existing path? – Select a point with the Direct Selection tool and click the ‘Cut Path At Selected Anchor Points’ button in the Control panel.

How do I split an anchor in Illustrator?

Split a path

  1. Select the Scissors tool and click the path where you want to split it. …
  2. Select the Knife tool and drag the pointer over the object. …
  3. Select the anchor point where you want to split the path, and then click the Cut Path At Selected Anchor Points button in the Control panel.
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