Question: Why is my gradient not smooth in Illustrator?

Why isn’t my gradient smooth in Illustrator?

By adding a touch of noise, it can break up that staggered gradient into one that appears smooth. In your example, you don’t have a lot of tonal range between your two end colors. Illustrator doesn’t dither the gradient, so it is limited in using discrete values of the color.

What is gradient Dither?

In the context of a gradient, dithering involves the blending of various color and tonal values to help maintain the appearance of a smooth transition. … More Detail: When you are working with a 16-bit per channel image, dithering is an unnecessary concept.

Why does my gradient have lines Photoshop?

It is not a problem – it is a result of having very smooth gradations display or printed on systems with quantization levels (how many bits are displayed/printed) that cause visible banding. And the solution is always the same: add enough noise to make the banding invisible.

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