How do you make a snow globe in Illustrator?

What chemical is in a snow globe?

What most people don’t realize is that snow globes are filled with a toxic chemical called ethylene glycol, which is the main ingredient in antifreeze. Ethylene glycol and anti-freeze are sweet tasting and highly attractive to pets.

Do all snow globes have antifreeze in them?

It seems that some snow globes are filled not only with water, but with ethylene glycol – good old-fashioned antifreeze. Antifreeze is used in cars. … Antifreeze produced after 2012 is supposed to have a bitter taste added to it. All ethylene glycol antifreeze has a greenish color.

Why is there an air bubble in my snow globe?

Air bubbles can also occur due to temperature fluctuations, ie also on the transport path. In some cases, some of the water in the ball evaporates, and small air bubbles form at the top of the snow globe. … Then you get to the bottom of the snow globe and can refill water at the edge of the rubber.

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