How do you make a glossy ball in Illustrator?

Open illustrator and draw an oval tool holding shift key. Then draw an ellipse with a different color and place it on the oval. Take blend tool,then click on ellipse shape and then oval one for a gradient effect. Draw another oval with a gradient and give it screen.

How do you make embers in Illustrator?

Go to Window > Actions or press F9 on the keyboard to open up the Actions panel. Then, click the Create new set icon, name the set Ashes n Embers, and click OK. We’ll place the action inside this set.

How do you make a halo effect in Illustrator?

Creating halos in Illustrator requires the creation of a second copy of the text letters. One copy is set to the back and enlarged, the other copy is in the front and slightly smaller, creating the effect of a halo. The size of the halo as well as the color of both the stroke and the halo can be adjusted as desired.

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