How do you make a 3D graph in Illustrator?

How do you make a 3D graph?

To create a 3-D line chart, click Line, and then under 3-D Line, click 3-D Line. To create a 3-D area chart, click Area, and then under 3-D Area, click 3-D Area. To create a 3-D surface chart, click Other Charts, and then under Surface, click 3-D Surface or Wireframe 3-D Surface.

How do I make a graph in Illustrator CC?

Click and hold the Graph tool ( ) in the Tools panel to see all different types of graphs you can create.

  1. Create different types of graphs in Illustrator.
  2. Graph data window.
  3. Labels in Graph Data window. A. Data set labels B. Blank cell C. Category labels.
  4. Combining columns and lines in one graph.

How do you make a 3D bar graph in Excel?

To insert 3D Bar Chart (or just Bar Chart), select the data for which the Bar chart has to be generated, now go to INSERT menu and click on ‘Insert Bar Chart’ command button from Charting group on the ribbon as shown below and select desired 3D chart type under ‘3-D Bar’ heading.

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