How do you get rid of brush stroke in Photoshop?

With the Brush Tool active, press Shift+Alt+R (Win) / Shift+Option+R (Mac) to change the brush blend mode to Clear. Then when you’re done erasing, press Shift+Alt+N (Win) / Shift+Option+N (Mac) to set the blend mode back to Normal. Related: Photoshop blend mode tips and tricks!

Why is my Photoshop eraser painting?

Why is my eraser tool painting? When you go to background layer and you are using your eraser, actually you are ‘painting out’ your background layer mistakes in white! … Simply make sure that BOTH your color boxes in the upper right hand corner are designated as pure white.

What is the brush tool?

A brush tool is one of the basic tools found in graphic design and editing applications. It is a part of the painting tool set which may also include pencil tools, pen tools, fill color and many others. It allows the user to paint on a picture or photograph with the selected color.

How do you get rid of a stroke on one side?

7 Answers

  1. Choose Direct Select tool ( A ) which I call the ANCHOR tool for my students.
  2. Press + to add an anchor. (Changes direct select tool to pen + tool).
  3. Click on the stroke half way between the two anchors you want to remove the stroke from.
  4. Hit delete .

What is the shortcut to change the eraser size in Photoshop?


  1. You can also press and hold the “Alt” key, right-click on the graphic and then move the mouse to dynamically resize the erase brush while the “Eraser” tool is highlighted.
  2. Change the size of other tools that use a brush from the toolbar or by right-clicking while the tool is selected.
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