How do you fill the artboard color in Illustrator?

How do you fill a page in Illustrator?

Click in the top left corner of the page to begin marking the start of the rectangle. Drag the mouse to the bottom-right corner of the page so that the entire page is covered by the rectangle, and then release the mouse button. The pattern you selected will now fill the entire Illustrator page.

How do I change the background color on a workspace in Illustrator?

Set user interface color

  1. Do one the following: (Windows) Choose Edit > Preferences > User Interface. …
  2. Choose the desired interface color from the following Brightness options: Dark, Medium Dark, Medium Light, and Light. Available UI color options.
  3. Choose a Canvas Color from the following options:

What is the fill tool in Illustrator?

When painting objects in Adobe Illustrator, the Fill command adds color to the area inside the object. In addition to the range of colors available for use as a fill, you can add gradients and pattern swatches to the object.

Where is the fill bucket in Illustrator?

The Fill swatch is at the bottom of the Tools panel. Use the Swatches or Color panel and choose any fill color. Using the Selection tool, select all the circles. Next, click on the Live Paint Bucket tool, which is hidden under the Shape Builder tool, and click on the selection.

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How do I fill an object with an image in Illustrator?

Click “Object” and select “Clipping Mask” from the menu. Choose “Make” from the submenu to fill the shape with the image.

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