How do you erase in gimp?

Where is erase tool in GIMP?

You can activate this tool in several ways: From the image menu through Tools → Paint Tools → Eraser; from the Toolbox by clicking on the tool icon ; or from the keyboard using the shortcut Shift+E.

Why is the eraser not working in GIMP?

The most common reason why the eraser tool isn’t erasing to transparency is because there isn’t an alpha channel added to the layer. … Without it, the GIMP eraser will erase to white. With it, it’ll erase to transparency.

How do I erase part of an image?

Auto Erase with the Pencil tool

  1. Specify foreground and background colors.
  2. Select the Pencil tool .
  3. Select Auto Erase in the options bar.
  4. Drag over the image. If the center of the cursor is over the foreground color when you begin dragging, the area is erased to the background color.

Can GIMP remove watermarks?

The GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program — a free, open-source software program that can be downloaded from — has many of the same features as a professional, proprietary image editing program, and if a watermark is created on a layer within an image, you can delete the watermark layer by using GIMP.

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Why is my GIMP eraser black?

The color used to replace pixels is kind of arbitrary, so GIMP will use the “background color” to replace your image pixels as a default. That’s why GIMP’s eraser sometimes paints with black, white, or another color depending on the background color you set in the Toolbox. … In GIMP, alpha just means transparency.

How do you clear the top layer in GIMP?

An easy method is to use the Magic Wand selection l.

  1. Firstly, right click on the layer you are working on and add an alpha channel if there is not already one. …
  2. Now switch to the Magic Wand tool. …
  3. Select all the parts that you want to erase by simply clicking in the area.
  4. Press Delete..

Why can’t I draw on gimp?

Another reason why GIMP won’t let you draw is that the Brush tool settings don’t let it do that. Here are some settings that you should double-check in order to fix the issue. Go to the Brush tool and confirm that you set the Mode to Normal.

How do you make something transparent in gimp?

gimp: how to make a transparent background

  1. Open your image.
  2. Select the area you want to make transparent. …
  3. In the Layer window (the one showing your image), select Layer – Transparency – Add Alpha Channel.If this is blanked out then it’s already done. …
  4. Select Edit – Clear. …
  5. Save the file.

How do I fix the eraser in gimp?

Why is my eraser not working in GIMP?

  1. Add an alpha channel. Select the layer whose contents you want to erase. …
  2. Check the layer and eraser settings. Make sure that the proper layer is selected. …
  3. Reset the eraser tool to default settings. Select the eraser tool in GIMP. …
  4. Restart GIMP. Close GIMP completely.
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How can I delete part of a picture for free?

Eraser Transparency Tool

  1. Use Lunapic’s Eraser tool to make parts of your image ransparent.
  2. Use form above to pick an image file or URL.
  3. Adjust the eraser size for large or small brush strokes.
  4. Then, easily remove parts of your image and make it transparent.
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