How do you add different shapes in Illustrator?

How do you add shapes in Illustrator?

Tips for Creating Shapes in Illustrator

  1. Press and hold the Shift key while dragging with the Rectangle or Ellipse tool to create a perfect square or circle. …
  2. Create a shape from the center out by holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key while dragging.

How do you access different shapes in Illustrator?

To see other Shape tools press and hold on the Rectangle tool in the Tools panel on the left to show the Shape menu. Then select the Polygon tool. Starting roughly in the center of this dotted triangle click and drag to make a shape. Shapes you create with this tool are drawn from the center.

How do you create a random shape in Illustrator?

Select the lines and go to Object > Pattern > Make. Set the tile type to Grid and make any further adjustments you need. Click Done and your pattern will now appear in the Swatches panel. Create any random shape you like and select that pattern swatch for the fill.

What do the shape tools create?

Shape tools are used to create vector shapes & paths. The following are the shape tools available in Adobe Photoshop: Rectangle Tool – To create a rectangle or square. Rounded Rectangle – To create a rectangle or a square with rounded corners.

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Which tools are used for creating shapes in Illustrator?

The closed-path tools in Illustrator include the rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, polygon, star tool, and the flare tool, and they are all assembled in the toolbar panel. To produce any shapes, select the required tool, click the artboard, and drag in the outward direction.

How do I combine text and shapes in Illustrator?

To make your live type merge correctly with path objects, choose “Create Outlines” from the Type menu. Illustrator turns your text into vector objects with the size, shape, fill and stroke you applied to your type.

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