How do I mask in Photoshop for iPad?

What is masking on iPad?

Layer masks are essential to creating composites in Photoshop on your iPad. They are used to combine layers by hiding and showing parts of a layer without permanently changing content. Add a layer mask. Select a layer in the Layers panel.

Why can’t I add a layer mask in Photoshop?

It’s greyed out because your layer doesn’t currently have a mask, so there is nothing to enable.To create a new layer mask, select your layer and click the Layer Mask icon in at the bottom of the Layers panel.

How do I smooth edges in Photoshop on iPad?

Using the Selection tool, create a rough outline of the object that you want to refine. In the selection toolbox at the bottom center of the screen, tap the more menu, then choose Refine Edge. Inside the Refine Edge workspace, use the sliders on the right to adjust the brush.

How do I mask a photo on my iPad?

Mask (crop) a photo

  1. Double-tap the image. The mask controls appear. The default mask is the same size as your image.
  2. Use the controls to frame just the parts of the image you want to be visible.
  3. Tap Done when you’re finished. Double-tap the image at any time to readjust its mask.

How do I use the lasso tool on my iPad?


  1. Open a page that contains handwritten notes or a drawing, or tap the Draw tab, select a pen, and then use your finger or stylus to write or draw on the page.
  2. On the Draw tab, tap Lasso Select, and then use your finger or stylus to draw an outline around the ink strokes you want to select.
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Is there a pen tool in Photoshop for iPad?

Tap in the upper-right corner of the home screen. In the App settings dialog, choose Input > Apple Pencil. Under Apple Pencil, set the Pressure sensitivity slider to make your brushing experience perfect while working in Photoshop on the iPad.

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