How do I make water clear in Lightroom?

How do I make water bluer in Lightroom?

In the Hue Panel, nudge Aqua a little to the right towards blue, and/or Green a bit to the left towards yellow. In the Saturation Panel, desaturate Aqua by sliding to the left. Be careful not to go too far or parts of your shot will appear flat. In the Luminance Panel, slide the Aqua slider toward the right to add pop.

How do you make water look bluer in pictures?

There are two ways to do this: adjust the lightness or brightness of the image and adjust the contrast in the picture. Free online photo editing software such as LunaPic, FotoFlexer and Pixlr allow you to upload an image, make basic and advanced adjustments and then save your work to your own computer.

How do you increase water reflection in Lightroom?

Make sure the layer for reflection is selected, go to Filter > Blur > Motion. In the Motion Blur panel, set Angle to 90, Distance to 50 pixels and click OK. The area close to the horizon is likely to be blurred off, so use the Move Tool to move the reflection layer up to cover that gap.

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