How do I heal a spot in Lightroom?

The Healing Brush tool in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom lets you quickly retouch small spots and minor distractions. Simply click on a dust spot, and Lightroom will automatically choose an area nearby to use as the source for healing the spot.

How do you edit a pimple in Lightroom?

Zoom in, size the brush about the size of the pimple with medium feathering. Resize the brush often. This prevents soft looking spots and helps keep the skin’s texture intact. Click on a blemish.

How do you fix imperfections in Lightroom?

The spot removal tool in Lightroom can be any shape of selection. Just click and drag the mouse of the area to fix, then choose a target area that blends well with problem area. With both the clone and heal tool, you can reduce the opacity, which means you can reduce how strong the copy or fix is.

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