How do I feather one edge in Illustrator?

How do I fade one side of an image in Illustrator?

Click the “Window” menu and select “Transparency” to see the Transparency panel. Click the “Opacity” menu and drag the slider to the left to fade out the photo to the desired level.

How do I blur part of an image in Illustrator?

Use a selection tool to select the area that you want to blur. Go to the Filter menu, select Blur, and select Gaussian Blur.

Can you feather the edge of a shape?

By feather, I’m guessing you mean blur, so if you want to blur the edges of a shape, you can use a Gaussian or even Focus blur. Once you add your shape, choose Format > Effects > Blur > Gaussian (or Focus, or any other blur) and adjust the settings to get the effect you’re looking for.

How do you fade an object in Illustrator?

The object that you want to fade must be above the object that you want to reveal. Right-click on the object that you want to fade and move your mouse cursor over the “Arrange” option. Select the “Bring to Front” option and drag the object over the object that you want to reveal.

Why is my text pixelated in Illustrator?

If you’ve applied an effect to your type, or a layer style that contains an effect, Illustrator rasterizes the text to preserve how it looks. … In these cases and other instances, your text looks pixelated in Photoshop because it turned into pixels during the export process.

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