How do I delete folders in Lightroom Classic?

How do I delete subfolders in Lightroom?

In the Folders sub-panel R-click on the empty Sub-folder. A menu box appears – near the bottom is an option “Remove…” – select it. The sub-folder is removed. Mission accomplished – the subfolder is removed; all images survive.

How do I delete catalog photos in Lightroom Classic?

Remove photos from catalogs

Select one or more photos in the Grid view, or select a single photo in the Filmstrip in Loupe, Compare, or Survey view in the Library module. Do one of the following: Press the Backspace key (Windows) or Delete key (Mac OS). Choose Photo > Delete Photo(s).

Can you delete Lightroom catalog files?

This is where Lightroom stores previews of your Lightroom photos. Keep in mind that the files here are only previews of your photos. They are not the actual image files. That means that you can safely delete your catalog previews at no risk to the photos you are editing.

How do I delete an album in Lightroom?

To delete an entire album, right-click (or Control+click) the album in the Albums panel, choose Delete Album, and click OK. This does not delete the photos from other albums or from your photo library.

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How do I delete photos from a smart collection in Lightroom?

Deleting photos from Collections: When viewing photos in Quick Collection (in the Catalog panel) or a Collection (in the Collections panel), selecting a photo (or multiple photos) and tapping the Delete/Backspace key will remove them from the Collection.

Can I delete my Lightroom catalog and start over?

Once you locate the folder containing your catalog, you can get access to the catalog files. You can delete the unwanted ones, but make sure you quit Lightroom first as it won’t allow you to mess with these files if it’s open.

What happens if you delete Lightroom catalog?

Safe in that by deleting the folder you will not lose any of your photos or the adjustments you have made to your photos and Lightroom Classic will simply rebuild the folder. However, you have now deleted all of the Standard and 1:1 Previews that were built as you used the software to edit your photos.

What happens when you delete old Lightroom catalogs?

If you delete it, you’ll lose the previews. That’s not as bad as it sounds, because Lightroom will generate previews for photos without them. This will slightly slow down the program.

Do you need to keep old Lightroom catalogs?

So…the answer would be that once you’ve upgraded to Lightroom 5 and you’re happy with everything, yes, you could go ahead and delete the older catalogs. Unless you plan on reverting back to Lightroom 4, you’ll never use it. And since Lightroom 5 made a copy of the catalog, it’ll never use it again either.

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Should I keep my photos in Lightroom?

This is a perfectly good location, as long as you don’t have too many photos and you have a big hard drive. … Lightroom doesn’t mind where you choose to store the photos. They can be on an internal drive, an external drive, a network drive, or even a mix of different drives.

How do I permanently delete files from Lightroom?

If you want to permanently, irrevocably, and silently (without confirmation dialog box) remove images from Lightroom, use the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Delete (Windows) / ⌘ + Option + Shift + Delete (Mac) keyboard combination. This deletes the files from disk, not just sending them to the Recycle Bin (or Trash Can, on Mac).

How do I free up space in Lightroom CC?

Insufficient disk space

  1. In Lightroom, go to Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Lightroom > Preferences (Mac).
  2. Choose the Local Storage panel. Now, click Change Location to select a drive with at least the amount of free space recommended in the above error message.
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