How do I change the thickness of a shape in Illustrator?

How do you change the height and width of a shape in Illustrator?

Scale Tool

  1. Click the “Selection” tool, or arrow, from the Tools panel and click to select the object you want to resize.
  2. Choose the “Scale” tool from Tools panel.
  3. Click anywhere on the stage and drag up to increase the height; drag across to increase the width.

How do I turn a shape into a path in Illustrator?

How to Turn a Shape Into a Line in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Select the “Direct Selection” tool or the “Lasso” tool. …
  2. Select the “Selection” tool and select the shape that you want to convert to a line.
  3. Click “Object” in the menu bar and select “Average” from the “Path” submenu.

How do I thin a line in Illustrator?

You can change the linewidth by selecting a thin line and choosing Select > Same > Stroke Weight and increase the stroke weight.

How do you resize a shape?

Resize a shape

  1. Select the shape that you want to resize.
  2. Click and drag one of the selection handles that appear on the sides and corners. To maintain the shape’s proportions, drag a corner handle, or hold the Shift key while you drag the handle.

How do I resize an image without distorting in Illustrator?

Currently, if you want to resize an object (by clicking and dragging a corner) without distorting it, you need to hold down the shift key.

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Which option is used to change the thickness of an outline?

To change the shape outline:

The Format tab appears. Click the Format tab. Click the Shape Outline command to display a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, you can change the outline color, weight (thickness), and whether it is a dashed line.

Where is Reshape tool?

If you don’t see it in the panel, click and hold your mouse over the Scale tool, and you’ll see the Reshape tool in the submenu.

What is the Reshape tool?

The Reshape tool lets you select anchor points and sections of paths and adjust them in one direction. You determine that direction by dragging an anchor point with the Reshape tool selected. The Reshape tool works differently from the other Transform tools.

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