How do I change the angle in Lightroom?

How do you make the sky darker in Lightroom?

To darken the sky, select the Graduated Filter tool. Click on it in the tool strip, choose View > Graduated Filter, or press the M key. Next, modify the controls to darken and increase the contrast of the sky (Figure 79a).

How do you fix distortion?

Correct lens distortion and adjust perspective

  1. Choose Filter > Lens Correction.
  2. Set the following options: Correction. Select the problems you want to fix. If corrections undesirably extend or contract the image beyond original dimensions, select Auto Scale Image.

Can I liquify in Lightroom?

Wedding photographers adore Lightroom, but round-tripping 1500 photos over to CC just to give errant armpits and dress straps a five-second cleanup is an enormous bog. …

Can you make someone skinnier in Lightroom?

Under the Develop tab, scroll all the way down on the right sidebar to Geometry (if you have Lightroom 5, this would be under the Lens Correction section). Find the aspect slider and increase it a bit. Basically what you are doing is stretching the photo out vertically, which makes people appear longer and leaner.

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