How do I add copyright metadata in Lightroom?

Can you add metadata in Lightroom?

Do any of the following: To add metadata, type in a metadata text box. To add metadata from a preset, choose a metadata preset from the Preset menu. To edit metadata, overwrite an entry in a metadata text box.

You can do this quickly by pressing Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + I. Once in the Import Dialog, find the “Apply During Import” panel. Under the Metadata section choose the new preset that you created. This preset will be applied to images you import.

Where is the metadata in Lightroom?

Lightroom Guru

The Metadata Panel​ is the section so named on the right side of the Library Module. It displays views of some of the metadata fields. Different views display more or less of the Metadata stored in the LR catalog.

Choose “Copyright Only” from the dropdown to remove all metadata except Copyright Status, Copyright, Rights Usage Terms, and Copyright URL fields. (For information on how to add this information to your photos, watch my video tutorial on creating and using a copyright metadata preset in Lightroom.)

How do I change Metadata in Lightroom?

Edit a metadata preset

  1. From the Presets menu in the Metadata panel, choose Edit Presets.
  2. Choose the preset you want to edit from the Preset pop-up menu.
  3. Edit the metadata fields and change settings.
  4. Click the Preset pop-up menu again and choose Update Preset [preset name]. Then, click Done.
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