Frequent question: How do I recover an unsaved image in Photoshop?

Right-click on the PSD file, then select “Recover previous version”. From the list, find the file you need and click the Restore button. Now go to Photoshop and find the recovered PSD file here. Be sure to save it.

Can you recover unsaved work from Photoshop?

Restore Unsaved PSD from Recent Files

Restart your Photoshop, go to “File” > “Open Recent” and search for the lost unsaved PSD file. Then, open and restore the lost PSD.

Where are Photoshop autosave files?

How to Recover Unsaved Photoshop File?

  1. Open “This PC” and double click on “C:” drive where all your app data exists.
  2. Double click on the Users and click on the appropriate Username.
  3. Now open AppData folder and choose Local folder to find Temp folder.

How do I recover a Photoshop temp file?

Method 4: Recover PSD Files from temp files

  1. Click and open your hard drive.
  2. Select “Documents and Settings”
  3. Look for the folder labeled with your user name and select “Local Settings > Temp”
  4. Search the files labeled with “Photoshop” and open them in Photoshop.
  5. Change the extension from . temp to . psd and save the files.

How do I restore a previous version of Photoshop?

To view all versions of the document, click the Version icon on the right. Select the version you want to revert to. Then click the More options icon and select Revert to this version. The version you reverted to becomes the current version of the document.

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How do I fix Photoshop from crashing?

The simplest fix is to just close and reopen the app. Restarting your computer might also work—especially if a lot of other apps are running in the background or you haven’t restarted in a while. Photoshop’s performance is impacted by whatever’s going on in the background.

How often does Photoshop autosave?

We can have Photoshop save our recovery information every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, or once every hour. Photoshop adds “Recovered” to the name of the backup copy to distinguish it from the original.

Does Photoshop save temporary files?

Photoshop stores the files it is working on in a temporary folder on your computer.

How do I access the cloud files in Photoshop?

To find your Photoshop cloud documents, access:

  1. Photoshop (desktop or iPad): Navigate to Your work > Cloud documents tab in the app home screen.
  2. (web): Navigate to Creative Cloud > Files > Your work > Cloud documents.
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