Best answer: How does the eraser tool work in Illustrator?

Select the standard eraser tool on the tool panel. Click and hold on the eraser to select either the scissors or knife tool, which cut or slice out whole areas of an image. The eraser is a free-drawing tool that gives you manual control over what to erase and remove.

How do you erase an object in Illustrator?

Erase objects using the Eraser tool

  1. Do one of the following: To erase specific objects, select the objects or open the objects in isolation mode. …
  2. Select the Eraser tool .
  3. (Optional) Double-click the Eraser tool and specify options.
  4. Drag over the area you want to erase.

Why does Eraser not work in Illustrator?

The Adobe Illustrator Eraser tool has no effect whatsoever on Illustrator’s Symbols. … If it is, you must click on the Break Link to Symbol button in the Symbols panel, thereby expanding the Symbol’s appearance, in order to edit it using the Eraser tool.

What does the path eraser tool do in Illustrator?

The second tool is the “Path Eraser” tool. What this does is, it removes the path or rather parts of the path where you’ll click and drag with the mouse pointer.

How do you smooth a path in Illustrator?

Using the Smooth Tool

  1. Scribble or draw a rough path with the paintbrush or pencil.
  2. Keep the path selected and select the smooth tool.
  3. Click then drag the smooth tool across your selected path.
  4. Repeat the steps until you get the result you want.
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How do I delete a vector in Illustrator?

How to Erase Vectors in Illustrator

  1. The command key for the eraser tool is Shift+E (on a Mac)
  2. You. …
  3. You can eraser through multiple objects at once without selecting.
  4. You can eraser through a single object overlaying other objects when your single object is selected.

Why is my eraser tool painting?

Why is my eraser tool painting? When you go to background layer and you are using your eraser, actually you are ‘painting out’ your background layer mistakes in white! … Simply make sure that BOTH your color boxes in the upper right hand corner are designated as pure white.

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