Best answer: How do I select all pixels of one color in Photoshop?

How do I select all pixels of the same color in Photoshop?

If you are asking to the equivalent to Illustrators “select same” function – you can use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop, click on the color you’re trying to get a hold of and then goto Select > Similar and the magic wand selection will now cover everything that matches your selected color.

How do you select individual pixels in Photoshop?

Click the mouse at the location where you want to start selecting, then drag it until the desired area is selected.

  1. To include or remove pixels from the selection, click the Select menu, select Refine Edge, then choose an option.
  2. To deselect an area, press Ctrl + D .

How do I delete all pixels of one color?

Select the tool, click on the color you want to erase, and voilà! You can erase only contiguous pixels, or all pixels of that color; to erase all pixels of that color, deselect Contiguous in the options bar. The Tolerance setting determines how similar in color pixels need to be in order to be erased.

How do you select everything on a layer in Photoshop?

Ctrl-clicking or Command-clicking the layer thumbnail selects the nontransparent areas of the layer.

  1. To select all layers, choose Select > All Layers.
  2. To select all layers of a similar type (for example all type layers), select one of the layers, and choose Select > Similar Layers.
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Which tool selects a color range in an image?

The Color Range command in Photoshop CS6 allows you to select similarly colored pixels in a selection or within an entire image. You can think of it as a smarter Magic Wand tool. Unlike the Magic Wand tool, however, Color Range lets you adjust your selection before you ultimately get the selection outline.

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