Best answer: How do I mask multiple objects in Photoshop?

How do I mask multiple objects?

If you try to use more than one object as a clipping mask, only the last object you created will act as a mask—the others will be ignored. To use those multiple objects as a mask, you’ll first have to select all the objects and from the Object menu, choose Compound Path>Make, or press Command-8 (PC: Control-8).

How do I apply a mask to multiple Layers?

Create a series of type layers and put them into a group. To group layers, select them in the Layers panel and choose New Group from Layers from the panel menu. 2. Make an oval selection and click the Add a Mask button.

What command makes a clipping mask?

Create a clipping mask

Hold down Alt (Option in Mac OS), position the pointer over the line dividing two layers in the Layers panel (the pointer changes to two overlapping circles), and then click. In the Layers panel, select the top layer of a pair of layers you want to group, and choose Layer > Create Clipping Mask.

How do I make a clipping mask in Photoshop Elements?

Hold down Alt (Option on the Mac) and, in the Layers panel, position the mouse cursor over the line dividing the base layer and the layer above it. The cursor changes to two overlapping circles with a small arrow icon. You can also choose Layer→Create Clipping Mask. Click the mouse button.

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How do I make a group mask in Photoshop?

To create a layer mask for a layer group:

  1. Do either of the following: Create a selection on an image layer. …
  2. On the Layers panel, click the adjustment group, then click the Add Layer Mask button. …
  3. Optional: Edit the layer mask, such as by applying a gradient or by applying strokes with the Brush tool.C.
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