Your question: How do you rotate a brush in substance painter?

Rotating the Stencil can be done by pressing the S key and click and dragging with the Left Mouse button. Additionally , pressing the Shift key allows to snap the rotation every 90 degrees .

How do you rotate environment in substance painter?

Rotating the environment should be Shift + Right click, make sure in the preferences that the shortcut hasn’t been changed.

How do you reset the brush on a substance painter?

To restore the current brush variant to its default state, go to the Brush Selector menu and choose Restore Default Variant. To restore all brush variants in the currently loaded brush library to their default state, choose Restore All Default Variants, then click the OK button. Have fun!

Can you move a paint layer in substance painter?

It is a bit difficult to precisely move fill/paint layers. The only way is to enter a value in a field. It would be nice to have a Move tool that acts globally, in every situation.

How do you make a mirror in substance painter?

While texturing there’s an icon on the top bar of two rectangles with a slice down the middle which will turn on mirroring mode, so when you paint on one side it’ll draw along the axis as well. In your 3d modeling package you can stack the UV shells on top of each other which will effectively mirror the other.

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Where is viewer settings substance painter?

It’s the little screen icon in the toolbar on the right of the screen.

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