Your question: How do you blend colors in procreate pocket?

How do you blend in procreate pocket?

Blend your artwork, smooth out strokes, and mix color.

Tap Smudge the select a brush from the Brush Library. Tap or drag your finger on your brushstrokes and colors to blend your artwork.

Where is the smudge tool in procreate pocket?

Paint, Smudge and Erase are the essential tools of Procreate Pocket. Located on the top right of the interface, Paint, Smudge, and Erase all share the same Brush Library, and all work the same way. Tap the icon of the tool you want to use – the brush for Paint, the finger for Smudge, and the eraser for Erase.

Can you mix colors on procreate?

there is no secret way of mixing. In the end colouring and blending in Procreate is no different than any other software. Just use low opacity on brushes and don’t expect to get s good transition when you use two contrasting colours like dark red and light green. there is no secret way of mixing.

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