You asked: What does reference in procreate do?

Enable the sketch as a “Reference.” Reference means you can Color Drop to fill in your sketch, but you can do all your color fills on a separate layer from your sketch. To do this, tap the sketch layer, the tap Reference in the pop-up menu.

What is the reference button in Procreate?

Reference Layer is a way to ColorDrop into the bounds of a different layer to the one you’re currently using. Super handy if you’re creating a comic, and want to keep your inking seperate to your colour, for example.

How do I make references smaller in procreate?

Touch and drag the bottom right or left hand corner of the window to resize Reference Companion. You can pinch-zoom and pan the image inside the Reference Companion window. This works the exact same way as zooming and panning on your canvas.

Can you add references in procreate?

Procreate 5X’s release comes with a ton of new features. Today, I’m going to show you how to use one of my favorites, the Reference Companion Tool. This tool allows you to finally incorporate reference photos into your Procreate canvas while you work.

Can you hide a layer in procreate video?

Procreate recently released an amazing feature called Private Layer. Essentially, you can now create a layer that’s hidden. It won’t show up in your gallery preview or time-lapse. But, you will still be able to use the layer as you would normally.

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How do I reference a layer in Photoshop?

Auto Align

  1. Create a reference layer that Photoshop can use as a reference to line the rest of the layers. Create the reference layer by locking one layer in the Layers panel, as we’ve done below:
  2. Select the layers that you want to align, including the reference layer.
  3. Go to Edit>Auto-Align Layers.
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