You asked: How do you reset palettes in procreate?

All you need to do is open the color palette, swipe from right to left, and you will see a button that says share or delete. Press the delete button, and the entire color palette will now be deleted from your Procreate app.

How do I reset my canvas in Procreate?

You can Reset the Gesture Control panel settings by going into the Actions menu (wrench icon) and tapping Prefs > Gesture Controls > General > Reset to defaults. In the Prefs panel, by default Light interface, Right-hand interface, Brush cursor and Project canvas are off.

Can you reset Procreate?

Unfortunately there’s no way to reset all your brushes in one hit without uninstalling and reinstalling Procreate, although you can Delete or Reset individual brushes.

How do I fix my color wheel on Procreate?

Try doing a hard reboot to see if that fixes it: first clear all backgrounded apps by double-pressing the Home button then swiping up on them. Then hold down the Home and Lock buttons together until the screen goes black, wait a few moments, and turn the iPad on again.

How do you stop Procreate from moving?

Go into iPad Settings > General > Accessibility and make sure Zoom is turned Off. Also check your Palm Support settings – they’re in the iPad Settings app under Procreate. If you’re using the Apple Pencil, the best option is to disable Palm Support as the Pencil has its own palm rejection technology.

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How do I sell my Procreate color palette?

When you’ve filled the palette as much as you want to, you can export it by going into the Palettes tab and swiping to the left on your palette to reveal the Share/Delete menu. It’s also possible to export one or multiple palettes to Files app (say, to the Dropbox folder in Files) using drag and drop.

Can you import color palettes to Procreate?

Open the Color Panel and tap the Palettes tab to reveal your Palettes. Tap on the + symbol in the top right hand corner of Palettes and select New from File. … ACO file and Procreate will import the palette from that file.

How do you get true white on Procreate?

Select classic pallet and put the top line all the way to the left the middle line all the way to the left and the bottom line all the way to the right. That will give you white.

How do I restore my Procreate app?

Check if you have a backup by going to Settings/Your Apple ID/iCloud/Manage Storage/Backups/This IPad and check if Procreate is included in the list of apps. If it is then you can do a Restore from that backup if it is recent enough to contain the artwork.

Can I delete Procreate brushes?

To delete a custom brush, swipe left on it, and tap Delete. You cannot delete default Procreate brushes and Brush Sets.

Why did my brush stop working in Procreate?

First, try unpairing your Pencil, doing a hard reboot, then re-pairing the Pencil with your iPad. To do the hard reboot, quickly press-release the volume up button (under 1 second), then press-release the volume down button (under 1 second), then hold on the Lock (Power) button at the top (about 5 seconds).

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