You asked: How do you move things in procreate without resizing?

You’ll have problems if you touch the Selection, or try to move it, from inside the Selection box. Instead, move it with a finger or stylus anywhere on the screen outside the Selection boundary – that way it won’t resize or rotate. Using two fingers will cause it to resize, so just use one.

How do you select something in procreate?

To activate the selection tool, tap on the selection icon on the top menu and its options will show up at the bottom. The selection tool can remain active when other functions are being used, such as the brush tool. When the selection tool is activated, only the selected area on the canvas can be edited.

How do I undo a resize in procreate?

Or hold two fingers on the screen for Rapid Undo. I’m glad you haven’t yet closed the canvas – that was a good instinct. Also – don’t despair as you can get a version of your artwork back, assuming you’ve left the Time-lapse recording feature switched on, as it is by default.

Does Procreate have a left handed mode?

Your Sidebar will slide out from the side of the canvas. You can then drag it up or down, then release your finger to place it into the most comfortable position for you. This works in both the Left-hand and Right-hand interface modes.

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Does procreate have a selection tool?

Procreate gives you the power to adjust any part of your image with the fine control you need. Explore four versatile selection methods and a range of advanced options.

How do I recover a deleted layer in Procreate?

Three contact points in a zigzag motion clears the layer. Whenever you see something like this happen, first… Don’t do anything! Hold still, take a deep breath and try hitting undo… You may have to hit undo multiple times if you tapped around after it happened.

How do I restore artwork in Procreate?

In the Gallery view tap on the word ‘Procreate’ at the top left to open the information screen. Then tap ‘Restore Example Artworks‘.

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