You asked: How do u delete something on procreate?

Swipe left on the image in the gallery and a pop-out with options to Delete, Duplicate, or Share will appear. Or you can swipe right and the Share Arrow and the Trashcan will appear in the Menu bar.

How do you delete something in Procreate?

Delete an artwork – in the Gallery, swipe left on the artwork you want to delete. Then tap the red Delete button.

Why can’t I erase in Procreate?

Activate the Erase tool by tapping the eraser icon so it’s blue. Check the Opacity slider on the canvas sidebar – it’s on the left by default. Make sure the slider isn’t at its lowest position. … I then switched eraser to Hard Airbrush, then it worked!

Is there an eraser on Procreate?

Paint, Smudge and Erase are the essential tools of Procreate. … Tap the icon of the tool you want to use – the brush for Paint, the finger for Smudge, and the eraser for Erase. You can start working immediately, or tap again to open the Brush Library and choose a brush.

Can you erase with the Apple pencil?

You can erase by object or even by pixel. To draw in the Notes app: … Start drawing with your Apple Pencil.

How do I move an image in Procreate?

Hi mrblutziii – To move or resize your artwork, you can tap the Transform icon (which has a mouse-pointer icon) on the Toolbar, then either move the image by dragging it around the canvas, or adjust the size of your image by using Pinch gestures, or using the nodes on the edges and corners of the image.

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Why is my eraser black Procreate?

Try closing Procreate and clearing it, along with all other backgrounded apps, by swiping up. Then do a hard reboot of the iPad: hold down the Home and Lock buttons together until the screen goes black. Then wait a few moments before turning the device on again.

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