You asked: How do I delete a selected area in Krita?

Select the Rectangular Selection Tool. In the Tool bar at the top of the canvas, enable Eraser Mode. Now when you make a selection and press delete, it will erase instead of filling the selection with white.

How do you delete a shape in Krita?

To delete a single line/shape made with the line tool/shape tools, select it, then press the delete key. If you mean erasing as when you do on regular raster image, with a preset (brush), that would not work unless you transform the layer to raster, which in turn will not let you modify as SVG any more.

How do I move a specific part of Krita?

If you are familiar with the way to move layers in PS by holding down Ctrl, you can do the same in Krita by pressing the T key for the move tool (think ‘T’ranslate) or Ctrl+T for transform tool. Press ‘B’ to go back to the brush tool when the transformation or translation is done.

How do you subtract a selection in Krita?

Outline Selection Tool

  1. R sets the selection to ‘replace’ in the tool options, this is the default mode.
  2. A sets the selection to ‘add’ in the tool options.
  3. S sets the selection to ‘subtract’ in the tool options.
  4. Shift + …
  5. Alt + …
  6. Ctrl + …
  7. Shift + Alt +
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Where is the erase tool in Krita?

Krita also has an eraser button on the toolbar. It is a toggle, so you can switch between drawing and erasing. Erasing is pretty common for a lot of people, so the toggle button is assigned to the “E” key.

How do I separate merged layers in Krita?

shortcut to select layers at the cursor. At the top, of the dialog there is a dropdown, here you can choose between… The image’s colors is split into paint layers.

Does Krita have a selection layer?

One difference is Krita’s ability to assign them to specific layers and activate a selection with a single click on the layer. Just click the round icon with the dotted outline on the local selection layer in the Layers docker. the layer you want to add it to select Local Selection.

How do you select all of one color in Krita?

This tool, represented by a dropper over an area with a dashed border, allows you to make Selections by selecting a point of color. It will select any areas of a similar color to the one you selected. You can adjust the “fuzziness” of the tool in the tool options dock.

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