Why does procreate randomly switch to eraser?

Yes, it happens because of the Apple Pencil double-tap gesture, which you can switch off in iPad Settings :) You can also choose a different function for the double-tap in Settings > Apple Pencil, or reassign it in Procreate in the Gesture Control Panel.

Why does my Procreate keep switching to eraser?

Procreate Brush Keeps Switching to the Eraser. If your Procreate brush keeps switching to the eraser and you have an Apple Pencil 2, make sure that you don’t have the double tap feature enabled. You can turn this off in the Accessibility settings.

How do I fix Procreate eraser?

Make sure the slider isn’t at its lowest position. Have you tried several different brushes as your eraser? For example, try double -tapping the eraser icon to open the brush menu, and switching to the default Hard Airbrush in the Airbrushing set.

Can you reverse erase on Procreate?

You can undo erasure, with the undo button… But if it was a while ago, you’re talking about a Lot of undoing… Procreate has alpha, but not as a separate adjustment via channels. Each layer has a single alpha that affects paint on that layer.

Is there an eraser on procreate?

Paint, Smudge and Erase are the essential tools of Procreate. … Tap the icon of the tool you want to use – the brush for Paint, the finger for Smudge, and the eraser for Erase. You can start working immediately, or tap again to open the Brush Library and choose a brush.

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Why is my procreate eraser not working?

– Check which brush you have selected as your eraser, by tapping the eraser icon to open the Brush Library for the Erase tool. … Look to see if the Opacity slider on the sidebar at the left of the canvas is set at zero for that brush.

How do you get eraser marks off canvas?

The right eraser and the right usage techniques provide better results.

  1. Dab the pencil mark with paper towel or tissue. …
  2. Blot the pencil mark with a kneaded eraser. …
  3. Place a white vinyl eraser on a clean portion of the canvas and wipe it over the pencil mark, straight through to another clean portion of canvas.

How do I revert back to original in Procreate?

Procreate is not like Google Docs, which lets you look through your version history and instantly bring an older version of your work back to life. With Procreate, you have to undo each step individually by either doing multiple two finger taps, or holding your two fingers down for a continuous string of undo actions.

What is Palm support level Procreate?

Palm Support lets you use gestures while resting your palm on the surface of the iPad screen, without the worry of drawing over your canvas. You can turn Palm Support on and off or adjust the level in the Procreate section of your iOS Settings app.

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