What procreate brush to use for outlining?

The ink pen brushes are great for sketching or creating outlines for your drawings while the marker brushes are perfect for shading. While the brushes work great for doing quick sketches or even concept art, they are versatile enough to be an excellent choice to do some lettering.

Is there an outline tool in procreate?

Making the outline solid

You can access this with a gesture by using two fingers to press and hold on the layer. Choose the color you want the outline to be. In the bottom selection toolbar, turn on Color Fill. … With Color Fill turned on, each time you select the layer contents, it will fill in the selection with color.

What brush should I use for Lineart?

Woo! One of the best Photoshop brush settings for lineart requires a hard round brush with 10% brush spacing, pen pressure controlled size jitter with smoothing set to at least 10%.

How do you smooth lineart?

“To get smooth line art, try working in large files when you’re inking. Minimum 300 DPI and use quick long confident strokes. Not sketching out many short strokes. Unless of course you wanted a sketchy look, but you’re asking against that.

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