What is snapping on procreate?

Snapping helps keep your transformations aligned when moving an object. It also helps keep objects in proportion when re-sizing. When you move or transform your content with Snapping on, blue guide-lines will appear on-screen. These show positional or scale points that might be helpful.

How do you stop procreate from snapping?

To activate, tap the Snapping button and toggle Snapping on. To turn off, tap the Snapping toggle off.

Can you center things in procreate?

Move the artwork with your Apple Pencil

While dragging around make sure to pay attention to your 2D Grid lines to center your artwork as exact as possible. PRO TIP: If you don’t need things super exact just turn off ‘Magnetics’ and complete the process without it.

How do you align layers in procreate?

There’s no automatic alignment tool, but my suggestion would be to use a Drawing Guide in conjunction with the Transform tool to align layer contents and objects. To activate a Drawing Guide, open the Actions menu (wrench icon) and go to Canvas > Drawing Guide > Edit Drawing Guide. The first option is the 2D Grid.

How do I rotate in Procreate without losing quality?

When resizing objects in Procreate with the Transform tool, make sure that the Interpolation setting is not set to Nearest Neighbor. Instead, it should be set to Bilinear or Bicubic. This will prevent your object from losing quality and becoming pixelated when you resize it.

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How do you use the selection tool in procreate?

To activate the selection tool, tap on the selection icon on the top menu and its options will show up at the bottom. The selection tool can remain active when other functions are being used, such as the brush tool. When the selection tool is activated, only the selected area on the canvas can be edited.

How do I fill in color in procreate?

By using Procreate’s paint bucket tool, you can fill in a shape with a color. Remember the color selection tool in the top-right corner? Tap and hold down on that circle with your Apple Pencil, stylus, or finger. Then drag the color to the shape you want to fill in and release.

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