Quick Answer: How do you paint over lines in procreate?

To use the feature, tap the layer thumbnail, and tap Reference in the Layer Options menu. – You can select and paint over already coloured areas if you open the Layers menu, tap the layer thumbnail and choose Select (which selects the layer contents) then activate the Paint tool.

How do I color fill on procreate?

By using Procreate’s paint bucket tool, you can fill in a shape with a color. Remember the color selection tool in the top-right corner? Tap and hold down on that circle with your Apple Pencil, stylus, or finger. Then drag the color to the shape you want to fill in and release.

What does clipping mask do procreate?

When you activate a Clipping Mask, it clips your active layer to the layer underneath it. The visibility of the clipped layer controls the contents and transparency of the parent layer below. If the selected layer is the bottom layer in your Layers panel, the Clipping Mask option is not available.

Should you color or do lineart first?

So usually when painting you would block colours first then create neater details as you go. If your drawing it’s probably better to outline lightly then colour and maybe outline again a bit darker depending on the style you going for.

Why is my color drop not working on Procreate?

Start a ColorDrop, but hold your finger on the canvas until the Threshold bar appears. Drag your finger to the left to adjust the threshold down, and this will constrain the bounds of ColorDrop. Make sure you have the latest Procreate Handbook – Threshold is covered on page 112. … I LOVE PROCREATE!!!

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