Quick Answer: Are there shapes in procreate?

One drawback for illustrating in Procreate, was always its lack of shape tools. If you wanted to use a circle, rectangle or triangle, you had to draw it in another application, then import it back into Procreate. … You can also draw perfectly straight lines by holding your pencil down at the end of the stroke.

Does procreate pocket have shapes?

Procreate’s acclaimed QuickShape does away with the need for complex menus and tool swapping when creating geometric shapes. Instead, draw any shape and watch it ‘snap’ to perfection, forming flawless squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and polygons.

How do you procreate a rectangle?

Create simple rectangular and elliptical selections by dragging a shape into place. Tap the Selection button to bring up the Selection toolbar. Tap Rectangle or Ellipse. Now touch and drag your chosen shape across the content you want to select.

How do you draw a perfect rectangle?


  1. Draw a straight, horizontal line using a ruler. …
  2. Make a shorter vertical line coming down from one end of the first line. …
  3. Draw a horizontal line coming off the bottom end of the vertical line. …
  4. Draw a vertical line between the ends of the two horizontal lines. …
  5. Color in your rectangle to make it pop.
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