Question: Can you group palettes on procreate?

Open the color picker, tap the arrow (or swipe left) on the currently visible color palette. Add additional swatch palettes by tapping the + at the top right.

How do I share my procreate color palette?

When you’ve filled the palette as much as you want to, you can export it by going into the Palettes tab and swiping to the left on your palette to reveal the Share/Delete menu. It’s also possible to export one or multiple palettes to Files app (say, to the Dropbox folder in Files) using drag and drop.

How do you delete a color in palette procreate?

To delete a color from your palette, press and hold that swatch, then tap Delete. It will vanish, leaving an empty space.

Does procreate use Pantone colors?

Procreate only supports RGB and CMYK. Pantone colors are “spot colors”.

How do you get true white on procreate?

Select classic pallet and put the top line all the way to the left the middle line all the way to the left and the bottom line all the way to the right. That will give you white.

How do I export a color palette?

In the right dock, in the Palette tab, select your color palette and click the Export button at the bottom of the panel. A dialog appears where you can select the file type.

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How do I import a color palette in Illustrator?

To import all swatches from another document, choose Open Swatch Library > Other Library from the Swatches panel menu. Select the file from which you want to import swatches, and click Open. The imported swatches appear in a swatch library panel (not the Swatches panel).

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