Is the painter and the thief true?

It seems the stuff of bad fiction, but the story is drawn from real life: surveillance footage from the Galleri Nobel in Oslo on April 20th 2015 forms the opening scenes of “The Painter and the Thief”, a new documentary.

How long did it take to film The Painter and the Thief?

Aside from the material he was provided, Ree shot for 100 days, which amounted to 350 hours of footage. That enormous amount of content presented him with a structural challenge. His approach, admirably, was always guided by his desire to do right by his subjects.

Is Barbora Kysilkova married?

It is also the recipient of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Told in “The Painter and the Thief,” Kishikova’s story depicts a friendship between two people from completely different backgrounds.

Barbara Kysilkova Wiki.

Name Barbara Kysilkova
Profession Painter
Married/Single Single
Instagram @artbarbar
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