Is Illo sketchbook mixed media?

What kind of paper is in Illo sketchbook?

What kind of paper does illo Sketchbook use? Our sketchbooks have 112 pages of 180gsm/122 lb paper. illo sketchbook pages are sewn and perfect bound. The pages are thick enough to draw on with pens and other inking media without showing on the other side to fully take advantage of every page.

Is the Illo sketchbook worth it?

The artists on YouTube and Instagram make them seem like drool-worthy HG sketchbooks, but that does not mean you will like them too. However, if you want a nice art book for finished work that you want to keep, the illo books are actually really great, especially for ink and markers.

Is Illo sketchbook good?

I’m happy to report that with the Illo Sketchbook, your line work stays nice and crisp, even with a juicy pen! You only ever so faintly see your lines on the other side of the page, but it’s not OBVIOUS unless you’re looking for it. It works great with markers as well as I haven’t noticed any feathering when I color.

How many sheets are in an Illo sketchbook?

5, 40 Sheets / 80 Pages.

What is Illo?

Filters. (informal) An illustration. noun.

What is a Moleskine sketchbook?

The Moleskine Sketchbook has premium sketch-grade paper that supports a selection of artistic media and stands up to eraser use. Each Sketchbook grows into an archive of your art.

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